Force Control Catalogs and Service Manuals

A list of Force Control Catalogs, Brochures, and Manuals is available for download. Our main catalog is the APC 2011 which includes most of the standard products, engineering specifications, and dimensions. Keep in mind that Force Control manufactures many modified or custom drives that do not appear in this list, or any of the catalogs/brochures. Give us a call – we may have made it for someone in the past.

The following Catalogs and Service Manuals are in pdf format and require Acrobat Reader Version 6.0 or higher. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you may download it below.

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Catalogs & Service Manuals

APC 2011 All Products Catalog

APC 2011 All Products Catalog
(This is a 40 mb pdf file and may take a long time to download. Consider downloading desired sections only under each product.
APC 2011 Introduction
APC 2011 Catalog Table of Contents

Posistop Size 03 – 20 Foot Mounted Brakes

Posistop Curing Press Brake

E-Stop Brake Service Manual

Positorq® Tension & Dynamometer Absorber Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog – Section 9


Brochures and Service Manual Positorq® Brake
Positorq Dyno Brochure
Contact Factory

Service Manual
Forced Lube Cooling Unit

Valves & Accessories

Controls CLPC Closed Loop Positioning Control

Posidyne® PMD Packaged Machine Drives

Posidyne® Electro Hydraulic Clutch/Brakes

APC 2011 Catalog – Section 13


Service Manuals
Electro Hydraulic Size 02
Electro Hydraulic Size 2.5
Electro Hydraulic Size 03-20
Electro Hydraulic Size 30 Clutch

AFC SmartPac

Application Services, Unit Selection and Engineering Information

Application Engineering Services
APC 2011 Catalog – Section 14
Unit Selection Procedures
APC 2011 Catalog – Section 15
General Engineering Information
APC 2011 Catalog – Section 16