Industrial Clutches and Brakes Designed & Manufactured in Ohio

Force Control Industries, Inc. has been offering American-Made clutches and brakes since 1969 with a focus on providing quality products, services and continuous improvement. Our products featuring Oil Shear Technology are proven to outlast dry-friction alternatives. Therefore, reliability and quality are at heart of every product produced by Force Control Industries.

Why Made in the USA

Inventory Control

All non-purchased components are designed and manufactured in our in-house machine shop. Being a semi-customizable, engineered product, most components running through the machine shop are made to order. Our ability to control how quickly we can turn out parts benefits our customers by reducing their lead times.

Quality Control

Since inception, Force Control has been committed to providing quality products and has been ISO compliant since 2008. All products manufactured in-house and sourced through third parties go through our inspection team to insure no customer receives a defective product or component.

Positive Economic Impact

Most purchased components are sourced from local or regional suppliers which positively impacts our local, regional and national economies. Purchasing American-Made products drives innovation and leads to sustainable economies.

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