Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes

Designed for High Torque – Low Speed Load Testing
of Axles, Final Drives, and Transmissions

Whether it’s testing the most complex aircraft system, off road final drives, or tractor transmissions; Force Control has the products for your load testing requirements. Our patented high-torque, low-speed Positorq load brakes are used to simulate real world environments.

Force Control Industries unique Oil Shear Technology provides heat dissipation for high horsepower applications while maintaining a compact profile capable of direct mounting to the drive axle – eliminating additional gearboxes.

In addition, with Oil Shear Technology, disc wear is negligible, allowing long term testing without loss of torque. In fact most Positorq Dynamometer load brakes in service over the past 40 years have required little to no maintenance.


Why Select Positorq Dynamometer Load Brake

  • Quick Response
  • Proportional Linear Torque Control
  • Continuous High Torque at Low Speed
  • High Static Torque
  • No Chatter Down to 0 RPM
  • Quiet—Less Than 20 dB
  • Compact Size—Direct Axle Mount
  • Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  • Extremely Long Service Life
  • Near Zero Hysteresis
  • Torque up to 300,000 Lb. Ft.
  • Dissipating up to 3000 HP
  • Variety of Mounting Types

Where to Use Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes

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High Cycle-Low Speed-High Torque Dynamometer Test Stand

  • 831 Lb. Ft. Dynamic Torque
  • 150Thermal Horsepower
  • High Cycle torque loading
  • Closed Loop Cooling And Actuation
  • Control and Data Aquisition System

Used to reduce field testing time.

TB-20 Engine Starter Test Stand

  • 4000 lb-ft. Brake
  • 100 Thermal Horsepower
  • 700 RPM

Used to test hydraulic starter motors for large hazardous duty engines.

Transmission Test Stand

  • (2) 7,000 lb. ft. Brake
  • 300 Thermal Horsepower 3300 RPM

Used to test rebuilt military transmissions.

Axle Test Stand

  • TB-10 Positorq Brake
  • 554 Lb. Ft. Torque, 100 RPM 10 THP
  • TB-03 Positorq Brake
  • 72 Lb. Ft. torque 3600 RPM, 5 THP

Used to test rebuilt military transmissions.

Large Truck Chassis Test Stand

  • Two TB-85 Positorq Brakes
  • 28,000 Lb. Ft Torque
  • 600 Thermal Horsepower
  • 1000 RPM

Medium Tractor Test Stand

  • Two TB-83 Positorq Brakes
  • 4,700 Lb. Ft. Torque
  • 150Thermal Horsepower
  • Smooth Down to 1 RPM