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FCII-ATF-FTransmission fluid is a specialized lubricant used in automatic and manual transmissions. Often referred to as the lifeblood of engines, it plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the transmission system. It is typically composed of a base oil and a variety of additives. The specific formulation may vary among different manufacturers and specific requirements of the machinery.

Force Control Industries is a leading provider of oil shear clutch and brake systems. With over five decades of expertise, we have consistently set the industry standard, revolutionizing how industries approach industrial engine performance, protection, and longevity. After 53 years in business, the company has grown and added a private label automatic transmission fluid for its oil shear product lines.

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The Role of Transmission Fluid

A vehicle’s transmission fluid plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of the engine system. Here are its key roles:


Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant for the various moving parts within the transmission system, including gears, bearings, and shafts. Proper lubrication of these components helps reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and preventing damage to the system.


As the transmission operates, it generates heat due to the friction between moving parts. Transmission fluid helps regulate the temperature by dissipating this heat, preventing the system from overheating. This efficient cooling helps maintain optimal performance and prevents engine damage caused by excessive temperatures.

Sealing and Cleaning

Transmission fluid helps create a seal between the transmission’s various components, preventing fluid leaks. This is crucial for maintaining the system’s integrity and ensuring that the system operates without fluid loss, which could lead to performance issues or damage. Moreover, it carries away debris, particles, and contaminants that may accumulate in the machine engine over time. This helps keep the internal components clean, preventing sludge buildup and maintaining the overall efficiency of the transmission.

Friction and Corrosion Protection

Most transmission fluids may contain additives that modify friction characteristics. They help improve the engagement of gears, reduce slip, and contribute to smoother gear shifts. This ensures optimal transmission performance and longevity. Some fluids can also include corrosion inhibitors to protect the system’s metal components from rust. This is especially important as transmissions often operate in diverse environmental conditions.

The Science Behind Force Control Industries’ Transmission Fluids

Our transmission fluids are the result of cutting-edge chemical formulations. Every molecule is carefully selected to contribute to the fluid’s multifaceted role, making it suitable for conventional and next-gen transmission systems.

The foundation of our transmission fluids lies in premium base oils. These are chosen for their thermal stability, viscosity characteristics, and ability to withstand the harsh engine environment. Our products are also enriched with a proprietary mix of additives. These additives serve specific functions, such as anti-wear protection, oxidation resistance, and viscosity control. They work synergistically to enhance the fluid’s performance and provide longevity to critical system components.

Benefits of Force Control Industries’ Transmission Fluids

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the benefits our transmission fluids deliver. Here are the advantages of getting your transmission fluid from Force Control Industries:

Compatibility With Oil Shear Technology

Force Control Industries’ transmission fluids are designed to complement and enhance the effectiveness of our proprietary Oil Shear Technology. This technology consists of multiple friction discs and drive plates, allowing for controlled use of fluid in a friction device. It contributes to increased efficiency and the extended life of the system.

Reduced Wear and Tear

The precise chemical formulation of our transmission fluids serves as a formidable shield against wear and tear. By minimizing friction and reducing stress on critical components, our fluids extend the lifespan of your system. This translates to reduced maintenance costs and ensures your vehicle operates at peak efficiency for an extended period.

Superior Heat Dissipation

Operating at the forefront of transmission fluid technology, our formulations excel in heat dissipation. It efficiently regulates temperature, guarding against overheating and ensuring your engine operates within optimal temperature ranges.

Environmental Adaptability

Our transmission fluids are engineered to adapt to diverse environmental conditions, providing consistent performance irrespective of external challenges. This adaptability ensures that your transmission system operates seamlessly, delivering reliable performance.

Elevate Your Systems With Force Control Industries

Force Control Industries is a trusted source of cutting-edge transmission fluids! These are meticulously engineered to go beyond conventional lubrication, also ensuring optimal efficiency, reduced wear, and sustained reliability. When used with our proprietary Oil Shear Technology, they redefine the benchmarks of performance, protection, and longevity in brake and clutch systems.

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