Spare Parts and Repairs

Force Control products are designed to operate for many years without repair. As with any product however, even Force Control products with Oil Shear Technology (Posidyne®, Magnashear®, Positorq®, Posistop®, etc.) will eventually need to be repaired. At that point there are two options – repair it yourself, or return it for factory rebuild.

All Force Control products are rebuildable and parts are made available as individual pieces or rebuild kits. Due to the long service life and balanced design of Force Control products, it is unusual to replace just a bearing, friction disc or seal. By the time any of these items fail (during normal circumstances) there are probably other parts reaching the end of their normal life.

Should I Repair or get Factory Rebuild?

Although rebuilding most of Force Control products isn’t rocket science, it can be intimating if not done frequently and may require special tools. Therefore, it may be wiser to return the units to Force Control for a professional rebuild to like-new condition. Factory rebuilt units come with the same standard 1-year warranty as new units.

How to order spare parts

Many of the Force Control products have part kits available that include the most common items required for rebuilding a unit. For maximum life after repair, use all of the parts included in a kit. Additional single parts such as shafts can be purchased if required. Please contact sales with the model number or serial number of the product you are trying to repair.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Factory Rebuild over Self Repair

    • New Standard 1-Year WarrantyUnits are restored to like-new condition and come with the same standard 1-year warranty as new units at half the price.


    • Complete Inspection/Failure ReportAn inspection report is provided with the quote detailing what was found wrong with the unit. This report also outlines tips and best practices to get the maximum life out of the product.


    • Experience & Dedication of Repair TeamOur service personnel have over 45 years of experience dedicated to rebuilding Force Control products. Some products need to be disassembled in a certain manner as to not damage components and our professionals have repeatedly practiced this process.


    • Special Parts & ToolsOur service area has all the parts required to properly uninstall bearings, oil seals, mating rings, wear sleeves and other components.


  • TestingTo ensure our quality, 100% of our new and rebuilt products are tested on custom-built test stands. During our testing, we are checking: clutch torque, brake torque, air pressure leak down, shaft run-out, shaft end-play, piston travel, bearing performance, oil seals and temperature.