MagnaShear Brakes

  • Up to 10 times longer brake life
  • Electric Release, Spring Set
  • Torque 6 Lb. Ft. to 1250 Lb. Ft.
  • Minimal Maintenance and Repair Cost
  • Washdown and Marine Duty, Severe Duty
  • No Adjustment – Ever!
  • Up to 80% Lower Inertia
  • Manual Release Indicator Switch


  • Dust, Dirt, and Moisture Proof
  • Aluminum, Cast Iron, or Stainless Steel Motors
  • Foot Mounted and C Face Motors
  • Inverter Duty, Fan Cooled, or Blower Cooled
  • Special Duty Motors
  • Non-Standard Voltages, DC Motors
  • NEMA and IEC Frame Motors
  • Low temperature design -40 F

Designed with Oil Shear Technology, the Magnashear Assembled Brake Motor consists of a motor with a Magnashear brake installed on the accessory end. They can survive the harsh environments of mining, manufacturing, material handling as well as packaging and food processing with minimal maintenance and no adjustment over the life of the brake. The motors are of high quality from respected motor manufacturers and can be furnished with various options such as hazardous duty, washdown, low temperature, inverter duty, fan cooling, blowers, thermistors, heaters, cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel housings, various voltages, and many more. The totally enclosed rugged brake housings keep dirt and moisture out while reducing noise and extracting heat.

Assembled Brake Motors are available for applications of 1 HP to 200 HP. And frame sizes up to 455T. Oil Shear Technology, perfected over 50 years by Force Control, provides a complete brake motor with up to 10 times the normal life of dry friction brake motor units with minimal maintenance and “No Adjustment – Ever”.

Options and Accessories

Manual Release

Designed to allow manual release of the brake when power is off. This allows movement of the machine for maintenance purposes while the power is locked out. The MSB4 and MSB6 have two levers on either side. Both must be turned to fully release the brake. The larger brakes have one large handle on the back.

Manual Release Indicator

indicates that the brake has been manually released. This is used as a safety precaution to indicate when the brake is no longer holding the load.

Wear Indicator Sensor

Indicates when the brake has reached maximum friction disc wear.

Stub shaft

Shaft extended out the back of the brake for encoder mounting.

Splined Quill

Splined quill for connecting to special splined motor or reducer shaft.

Voltage Step down Transformers

Required if brake control power is not 115 VAC. Many voltages can be used such as 240, 480, 390, 575, and DC.

Marine Duty

Similar to washdown, this option is for use on boats, barges offshore rigs, or waterfront loading facilities and ports exposed to fresh or salt water.


All units an be furnished with food grade fluid USDA-H2 for applications where standard fluid may be objectionable. This could be in food processing, or around water.