The All-In-One Made in America Positorq Braking Systems
for Winch/Drawworks Applications

High Thermal Capacity, No Maintenance, No Adjustment

The Positorq brakes designed for continuous slip applications, but also are dynamic stopping brakes, and static holding brakes all in one package. Competitive dry friction brakes can wear, need adjustment, a disk replacement, chatter at low speed, and can be very noisy. Electric systems need to operate at higher speeds requiring some kind of gear reduction for low speed applications, require oversizing for dynamic stopping, and do not have holding capability especially if a loss of electrical power occurs.

Winch/Drawworks Tension Brakes

  • Up to 300,000 Lb. Ft. Static Torque
  • Up to 3000 Thermal HP.
  • Linear control based on actuation pressure
  • Quick Response – Smooth Quiet Operation
  • Totally enclosed sealed – Impervious to moisture and salt water
  • Marine duty with biodegradable fluid

High Thermal Capacity,
No Maintenance,
No Adjustment

The Positorq braking system is designed as totally enclosed system with air or hydraulic actuation for hazardous environments, and fresh or salt water applications. Some examples of ideal applications include anchor winches, mooring winches used in Offshore Oil and Gas well applications. Another application is the drilling rig drawworks. Replacing the Baylor eddy current brake on older system is a great upgrade as now you have a smooth brake for drilling, high capacity dynamic brake for tripping, and a static holding brake.

These Positorq brakes are rated up to 180,000 Lb. Ft. continuous slip torque, and 300,000 Lb. Ft. static holding torque and can dissipate up to 3000 thermal horsepower.

A major advantage for Positorq brakes is Oil Shear Technology. Oil Shear Technology provides smooth engagement, higher heat dissipation, negligible wear on friction discs, bearings, and splines, and quiet operation. This all contributes to higher productivity, lower maintenance cost, and better return on investment.

The Positorq Brakes operate by applying pressure on a piston or pistons clamping the friction stack. The tighter the clamping force the higher the torque, and it is not affected by speed. The actuation medium can be pneumatic or hydraulic. The hydraulic actuation is more controllable.

Transmission fluid in the brake transmits torque between the friction disc and drive plates providing the torque. As this fluid is heated it is pumped back through a Forced Lube Cooling Unit that has oil-to-water or oil-to-air cooling, filters, pumps and reservoir. The FLCU allows the brake to be very compact, with low inertia.

Replace your Elmagco 7838 Brake with the Force Control TB-87 LCB Positorq Oil Shear Load Control Brake and trip faster, drill smoother, and make your operators happy. The TB-87 Positorq brake will operate consistently from 0 RPM to full speed. Torque is linear to actuation pressure (not speed sensitive) making the operation simple, and consistent. Oil shear technology means no adjustment – ever, and wear is minimal meaning years of service between rebuilds.

TB-87 Positorq Oil Shear Brakes for land and Off Shore Oil Rigs

  • Never Needs Adjustment – Ever
  • Long lasting oil shear technology
  • Consistent smooth operation from 0 to full speed
  • Full torque available – 0 RPM to maximum speed
  • Smooth operation down to 0 RPM (no stick slip or chatter)
  • Torque linear to actuation pressure – not speed independent
  • Emergency stop system brings controlled stop in case of power failure
  • Simple control – manual over full torque range – auto set with manual over ride
  • Control works with auto driller systems that can provide an output.
  • Torque Range – continuous slip torque 250 Lb. Ft. to 115,000 Lb. Ft.
  • Maximum stopping/holding torque 177,000 Lb. Ft.
  • WK2 – 1,698 Lb.Ft.2 Weight – 10,700 Lbs.

The smooth operation also reduces shock on the system including cables, tower, traveling block, top drive, and drilling platform.

The spring set design, or accumulator package provides emergency braking in case of a power failure, or other catastrophe. The system is designed to apply full torque at a controlled rate reducing the chance of a sudden stop exceeding the system integrity.

Our hydraulic actuation control package is designed to be user friendly, and will operate flawlessly with an Autodriller. A band or disk brake on the winch drum is still recommended as a redundant safety brake.

The TB-87 Positorq Brake from Force Control Industries is the only brake you will need for tripping, drilling, setting casing or BOP’s or any other drawworks operation. It has the torque to handle tripping (dropping and stopping in position) without additional brake support.

During the drilling process the TB-87 Positorq can maintain accurate WOB or ROP smoothly and accurately. In addition its quick response to the operator controls, or an Autodriller, provides maximum drilling speed while reducing bit bounce and wear. Operators will love it.

What’s in it for me?

Faster Tripping — High energy absorbing and smooth controllable stops can reduce the time for tripping operation.

Reduced Bit Cost — Smooth quick control for the WOB can increase bit life reducing need for replacement.

Increased ROP — Better more responsive bit control can increase ROP (rate of penetration).

Reduced Weight — The smaller footprint and lower weight increases allowance for other items.

When you compare—the choice is obvious

Positorq Chart

The Positorq LCB with Oil Shear Technology is a “win win” solution for high performance deep water offshore drilling rig drawworks load control brakes.

Weight Savings (up to 39,000#) — The tremendous weight savings allows additional capacity for drilling mud or other items.

One unit does it all — controls tripping, holding, and drilling. Simple controls, simple operation, operator friendly.
No large high power electrical controls — battery backup, or other failure prone electrical controls.
No Adjustment, Minimal maintenance — and many years of service between major rebuilds.