X-treme Performance – Value-Engineered for 1/2 to 25 HP drives

X-Class Motor Brakes

  • Spring set – Air/Hydraulic Release
  • Torque 4 to 300 Lb. Ft.
  • Up to 10 times longer service life
  • Designed for dynamic stopping
  • Packaged, fully assembled and tested
  • Simplified double C-face motor mounting
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Totally enclosed, sealed housing

X-Class Coupler Brakes

  • Oil Shear Technology
  • No Maintenance* – No Adjustment – Ever!
  • Clamped-Split-Quill reduces keyway problems
  • Hard-coat epoxy finish highly resistant to rust and chipping.
  • Multiple friction discs – high thermal dissipation and low inertia
  • Clamped Split Quill – 360º shaft connection
  • Washdown and marine duty available



Our washdown option features stainless steel mounting hardware, nickel-plated shafts and non-corrosive breathers & sight gauges. The housing can also be coated with white epoxy or the Steel-It epoxy.

Manifold Mounted Valve

Add the convenience and performance of a Manifold Mounted Valve. Mounting the valve directly on the unit eliminates extra plumbing, improves response time, increases cycle rate, and improves positioning accuracy.