X-Class Posidyne

  • Torque: 46 LB-IN to 1000 LB-IN
  • HP: 3/4 HP to 10 HP
  • Lowest Cost per Index
  • Washdown, Marine or Hazardous Duty
  • Hard Coat Epoxy Cast Iron Housings

Oil Shear Technology – 5 to 10 Times Longer Life

Typical Applications include;

Out Perform Competitive Clutch Brakes at a Lower Cost

Valued Engineered for the Highest Performance at the Lowest Cost per Cycle

The Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes are designed and tested to operate over 20 million trouble free cycles with only occasional oil changes and no adjustment – ever! This unheard of life expectancy allows the Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes to be used on applications previously thought impossible to do using a clutch/brake.

How many cycles do you require to meet your machines design life? Use the total Life Cycle Calculator shown below to determine expected life for your application.

The new Posidyne® X Class Clutch/Brakes let you eliminate the typical line stops, the frequent clutch/brake repairs and replacements. Here’s the reliability you need for today’s 24/7 manufacturing demands. Here’s speed and precision that can let you run at higher cycle rates and quality levels, or design new machines for higher performance.

The Posidyne X Class clutch brakes are value engineered that are affordable for OEM equipment builders providing top of the line equipment.

Value Engineered for OEM’s
No Adjustment – No Maintenance


Clutch Brake Life Cycle Calculator

The Posidyne X Class clutch brakes are designed for maximum life with little to no maintenance. Especially when performing high cycles 100, 200, or ever 300 cycles per minute popular dry friction clutch brakes require constant adjustment repair and replacement. Many competitive units will only operate 1 million to maybe 5 million cycles, probably with some repair or adjustment. This number may be much lower in high cycle applications when heat will degrade the unit for early failure.

The Posidyne X Class clutch brakes are designed for 20 million to 40 million cycles and can handle the heat load of high cycle applications. Applications as high as 300 CPM operating 24/7 have been successful.

Use the Total Cycle Calculator below to determine the number of cycles for your operation.

Posidyne X Class Input
Total Cycle Calculator 8 Hr
Total Cycle Calculator 16 Hr
Total Cycle Calculator 24 Hr
X Class Performance Comparison

Posidyne X-Class Performance Comparison

The Posidyne X-Class Clutch/Brake is not a servo, however, it can often be used where the highest servo performance is required. The Posidyne X-Class cycles faster, stops more accurately and provides years of trouble-free service.


C-Face Mounting

Standard NEMA C Face is available on input, output, or both in Models 02, 2.5 and 03 with input for NEMA motor frames 143T to 256T. C Face mounting to the motor and gearbox provides a compact package and ease of installation. See the long coupled C Face for higher cycle applications.

C-Face Long Coupled Input

Long Coupled C Face is available in Models 02, 2.5 and 03 with input for NEMA motor frame 143T to 256T. The long Coupled system uses a coupling, eliminating quill and keyway damage in high cycle, high load applications.

Piggyback Mounting

The Piggyback arrangement allows mounting the drive motor on top of the clutch brake where length is a problem. The package includes adjustable motor base, pulleys, guard, and motor (if desired). Piggyback is available for sizes 02 through 20.

Integral Gearbox

In some cases the off the shelf gearboxes will not provide the load capability or reliability required for a high cycle, high load application. Force Control will design and build an integral gearbox as part of the clutch brake to handle the application and provide the long life expected.

Fan Cooling

Fan cooled Posidyne clutch/brake units may be required for those applications where higher cycle rates are requirements. The fan blows air across the housing increasing the thermal heat dissipation capability 3 to 5 times.

Water Cooled Units

Water cooling is available for those extremely high cycle, or high inertia load applications. An internal tubing coil is installed around the input shaft in the input housing. Water flowing through the tubing cools the internal transmission fluid during circulation.

Oil-To-Air External Cooling

Transmission fluid is drawn out of the unit, circulated through an external oil-to-air heat exchanger (oil-to-water is available), through a filter and back into the unit. This system provides the ultimate life for the clutch brake in addition to handling extremely high thermal loads.

Forced Lube Cooling

Transmission fluid is pumped through the center of the output shaft, drawn out of the unit, circulated through an oil-to-water heat exchanger (oil-to-air is available), through a filter and back into the unit. This Forced Lube Cooling Unit system provides the ultimate heat dissipation continuous slip applications.

Manifold Mounted Valve

The manifold mounted valve mounts directly on a machined surface on the Clutch Brake. This improves response time and positioning accuracy significantly by eliminating long hoses from the valve to the unit. It also reduces installation time and provides a cleaner package.

Washdown Duty for Food Processing

All Posidyne Clutch brakes can be modified for washdown duty (USDA H-2) often found in food processing applications. Steel-It epoxy coatings on the housing, stainless steel fittings, nickel plated shafts, non corrosive breathers and sight gauge and bio-degradable fluid is included.

Marine Duty Modifications

All Posidyne Clutch brakes can be modified as marine duty. Modifications include Steel It epoxy coatings on the housing, stainless steel fittings, nickel plated shafts, and non corrosive breathers and sight gauge. Bio-degradable fluid is also included.

Optical Encoder

An Optical Encoder can be furnished for improved positioning, when used with one of the CLPC Series Closed Loop Positioning Controls. The Encoder mounts on the output shaft, and includes a home position for single revolution applications.