Posistop Motor Brake

  • Torque 6 Lb. Ft. to 2,030 Lb. Ft.
  • 1 to 400 HP Assembled Brake Motors
  • Spring Set – Air or Hydraulic Release
  • IEC and Custom flange available
  • Collet style quill for 360 º shaft connection
  • Wash Down, Marine Duty, Severe and Hazardous Duty
  • Can also be furnished as an assembled brake motor
Posistop Assembled Brake Motor

The Posistop Assembled Brake Motor consists of a Posistop Motor Brake mounted to a brakeless brake motor providing a complete brake motor package with the reliability of the Posistop brake featuring Oil Shear Technology.

The brand and type of motor furnished is selected based on the application, customer preference, and availability.

By ordering the Assembled Brake Motor the customer is assured of getting the correct combination of brake and motor professionally assembled in an easy to install package. Force Control can also provide a gear reducer to the package, and provide mounting bases if required.

The air actuated Posistop Brake Motor is a solution to those hazardous duty applications by using an approved motor, and hazardous rated solenoid valve.

The Posistop ABM (Assembled Brake Motor) are designed for long life with minimal maintenance in severe and critical applications. They are typically furnished as spring set, pressure release brakes however pressure set spring release is available in some models. Five model sizes offer torque from 6 Lb. Ft. to 2,030 Lb. Ft. and fit 56 frame up to 440 frame motors. Special flanges mountings can be furnished such as IEC, servo, or other flange sizes.

The standard shaft connection is a quill using a tapered collet providing a 360º clamped connection. Other quills are available including splined and bore and keyway.

Oil Shear Technology is what makes the difference.

By reducing friction disc wear, removing heat, and lubricating the internal components, up to 10 times longer life can be expected without constant adjustment and repair. Force Control Posistop and MagnaShear brakes have been reducing cost and increasing production in applications around the world since 1969.