Smooth, Quiet, Control, With E-Stop Capability

Tension Control Brakes

  • Steel strip, paper, wire
  • 50 Lb. Ft. to 200,000 Lb. Ft. Continuous tension
  • Up to 3000 Thermal HP.
  • Linear control based on pressure
  • Quick Response – Smooth Quiet Operation
  • Dynamic Stopping Capability for Set or E-Stop

The Positorq Oil Shear absorber brakes are a unique design for continuous tension control, The unique Oil Shear Technology provides extremely smooth, ultra quick response, negligible wear with no adjustment required, high energy dissipation in a compact package, and noise free. Positorq Brakes are rated up to 200,000 Lb. Ft. Slip Torque and 3000 Thermal Horsepower.

The Positorq brakes work well in tension applications, especially unwind stands, where the brake is used to maintain tension on the strip. This can be paper, board, plastic, copper, steel and wire stands. The brake can be coupled, flange mounted or connected through gear, belt, or chain drive.

A major advantage for Positorq brakes is Oil Shear Technology. Oil Shear Technology provides smooth engagement, higher heat dissipation, negligible wear on friction discs, bearings, and splines, and quiet operation.

The Positorq Brakes operate by applying pressure on a piston or pistons clamping the friction stack. The tighter the clamping force the higher the torque, and it is not affected by speed. The actuation medium can be pneumatic or hydraulic. The hydraulic actuation is more controllable.

Transmission fluid in the brake transmits torque between the friction disc and drive plates providing the torque. As this fluid is heated it is pumped back through a Forced Lube Cooling Unit that has oil-to-water or oil-to-air cooling, filters, pumps and reservoir. The FLCU allows the brake to be very compact, with low inertia.

Steel Unwind Brake
Steel Unwind Brake with Bore for
Expanding Mandrel and Forced Lube
Cooling Unit.
Kraft Paper Unwind Stand with Shaft

Kraft Paper Unwind Stand with Shaft,
Auto-coupler, Payout Drive, on
Structural Reservoir.
Shaftless Unwind Stand Shaftless
Unwind Stand
Steel Unwind Stand Steel
Unwind Stand
Paper Unwind Stand Paper
Unwind Stand
Plastic Unwind Stand Plastic
Unwind Stand
Axle Dyno Load Brake Axle Dyno
Load Brake