Low Maintenance – No Adjustment—10 Times Longer Life

Posistop Air/Hydraulic Foot Mounted Brakes

  • Torque 50 Lb. Ft. to 2,076 Lb. Ft.
  • Spring Set – Pressure Release
  • Pressure Set—Spring Release
  • Wash Down or Marine Duty
  • Severe and Hazardous Duty
  • Totally Enclosed Housing

The Foot Mounted Posistop Brake is similar in design to the Posidyne Clutch Brake incorporating many of the same features including multiple friction surfaces, lubrication and cooling by recirculating fluid.

The Posistop Foot Mounted units are designed to be connected to the load by coupling or chain or belt drive.

Six standard sizes are available with torque ratings up to 1800 Lb. Ft. The Positorq series of tension brakes can also be furnished as stopping brakes with torque ratings up to 200,000 Lb. Ft.

These brakes can be designed as air/hydraulic set, spring release which allows control of the braking torque, or spring set air/hydraulic release which does not allow adjustment of the braking torque. The spring set advantage is if the control fails the brake will set.

There are three actuation types or control logics to select from:

S = Pressure Set Brake / Spring Release

A = Medium Spring Set Brake / Pressure Release

B = Heavy Spring Set Brake / Pressure Release

The spring set units are preset at the factory and are not adjustable. The air set units are adjustable over the full range.

Oil Shear Technology – Stops Every Time

Foot mounted brake coupled to motor

Posistop Foot Mounted Coupler

Foot mounted brake belt driven to motor

Foot Mounted Brake Belt Driven To Motor
Oil Shear Technology

Oil Shear Technology – No Adjustment No Maintenance