Posidyne Clutch Brake Piggyback Option Offers Unique Design Advantages

Force Control Industries is known for their world renowned clutch brakes featuring Oil Shear Technology for extremely long maintenance free life. They may be even better known as having the ability to customize products to fit specific needs. This covers special flanges, shaft sizes and types, mounting arrangements, and drive connections. In this paper we will discuss the Piggyback option for the Posidyne clutch brakes.

Posidyne Clutch Brake Piggyback

In some cases it is not feasible to couple a motor, clutch brake and gear reducer inline do to space limitations. Force Control Industries designed a piggyback mounting arrangement for the Posidyne clutch brakes to solve this problem. Special pads are cast into the main housings to mount an adjustable motor base. The system includes a gear belt drive from the motor to the input shaft and enclosed belt drive guard.

The piggyback mounting option for the Posidyne clutch brakes can be furnished with or without the motor. If a motor is not specified it is critical when ordering that the exact frame and model of the motor be furnished to assure mounting fit, and gear belt pulley bore sizes.

Other mounting options are also available such as mounting the motor to the side, or mounting inline on a fabricated base. Any mounting configuration can be designed to fit specific applications.

Contact our sales engineers for assistance when specifying you piggyback Posidyne clutch brake drive.