The Heart of Force Control Clutches & Brakes

Oil Shear Technology


Provides Industrial Clutches and Brakes
With Increased Cycle Life, Higher Cycle Rates and Lower Cost per Cycle

Posidyne Clutch-Brakes

Posidyne Clutch Brakes offer reliable, maintenance free, high cycle indexing for severe duty applications in the steel, mining, food processing, marine, lumber and concrete industries.

Posistop Pneumatic Brakes

Posistop brakes offer safe and reliable stopping. Foot mounted, C-face and coupler designs are ideal for severe duty applications such as food processing, packaging, and many more.

Magnashear Electric Brakes

MagnaShear brakes are maintenance free and never need adjustment-ever! Designed where reliability is critical. Ideal for overhead cranes, marine winches and hoists, and conveyors.

Positorq Load Absorbing Brakes

Positorq brakes are designed for load absorbing applications such as tension control for unwinding applications. The brake and Forced Lube Cooling Unit provide a compact package.

Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes

Positorq load brakes have been used worldwide for testing High Torque loads at Low Speed. Applications range from large torque wrenches to tractors, off road vehicles military vehicles, helicopters, winches and much more.

Force Control is experienced in building complete dyno systems for high torque—low speed testing applications.

Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes
Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes
Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes
Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes
Dynamometers And Positorq Dynamometer Load Brakes

Industrial Oil Shear Clutches & Brakes – Motor Brakes, Tension Brakes, Dynamometers and Positioning Controls

Force Control Industries, Inc. manufacturers superior quality, uniquely designed industrial clutches and brakes. Based on oil shear technology, our industrial clutch and brake products provide superior life, as well as smooth operation and quicker response.

Force Control clutch and brake products are used on many types of machinery in the manufacturing of steel, coal, paper, concrete, brick, lumber, fiberglass, tires, automotive, wire, and many more. Please see our list of application bulletins for more information.

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What is Oil Shear Technology?

The heart of all Force Control products it provides longer life, high cycle rates, smooth quiet operation.


Reduce Maintenance Cost

Learn how Force Control can reduce your maintenance purchasing and downtime cost.


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Learn how Force Control products can add value to your OEM machine by reducing maintenance.


Dynamometer Load Brakes

The Positorq dynamometer load brakes are ideal for high torque – low speed testing.


Industry Solutions

Review some of the applications where Force Control provided successful solutions.


Long Life—Maintenance Free

The Posidyne® clutch brake provides extremely long life and is an excellent choice for high cycle applications. Additionally, Posidyne® clutch brakes provide near servo accuracy in many applications. These clutch brakes are either pneumatically or hydraulically actuated, and furnished in several arrangements including C-face, shaft in – shaft out and piggyback mount.

Posistop® brakes come in several varieties such as motor mounted, double C-face, foot mounted, and hundreds of special mountings. Torque ranges from 50 Ft. Lbs. to 50,000 Ft. Lbs. Utilizing the same oil shear technology as the Posidyne® clutch brake, these brakes last longer, and engage smoother than the competition. Additionally, they can be used as stopping or holding brakes, with air, or hydraulic actuation, and spring set or pressure set. Many of the Posistop® brakes are interchangeable with Stearns®, Dings®, Warner®, Nexen® and many other brake manufacturers.

The MagnaShear® brake is an electrically released version of the Posistop® brake. Utilizing the same oil shear technology, it offers extreme life, and smooth engagement.

Positorq® brakes are designed to slip at a controlled torque (50 Ft. Lbs to 50,000 Ft. Lbs). These are used in tension applications (paper, steel, etc.) and energy absorbing applications such as dynamometers for testing transmissions, axles, shafts or other components. Our oil shear technology, designed for slip applications, is extremely smooth at low speeds, does not present the stick slip condition of many mechanical brakes, and has a very long wear life, including the drive plates and friction discs.

Standard—Modified—Custom Packages

Many of our applications require a custom design. Moreover, custom modifications are designed to to fit special or old motors, mounting arrangements, space limitations and more. Complete custom drive packages can be designed and manufactured such as motor, clutch brake or brake, and gearbox all mounted on a base plate aligned and ready to install.

Our sales engineers will be happy to work with you to help design the proper package for your application.

Service and support is our primary goal, so when you purchase a Force Control drive, not only does it last a long time, but you get superior support when rebuild or replacement is needed. Our Factory Certified Rebuild service will put your drive in like new condition reducing the chance of unnecessary repairs. Our Emergency Response Service (not for all products) has a unit shipping to you the same day. You then return the old core which is then rebuilt and put back into stock for the next emergency.

Our sales engineers are ready to help solve your drive application. Give us a call at 513-868-0900 or Email

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Oil Shear Technology Makes the Difference!

Force Control Industries, Inc. manufacturer’s superior quality, unique design industrial clutches and brakes. Based on oil shear technology our industrial clutch and brake products provide superior life, as well as smooth operation, and quick response.