How to Select a Nexen, Warner, Dings, or Stearns Clutch or Brake Replacement

Use the Simple Interchange Form by Selecting the Competitors Model Number

Force Control Industries designs and manufacturers a large variety of clutches and brakes. In some cases the more popular designs will directly replace a competitive product, at least in mounting and operation. For instance the X Class clutch brake and brakes will directly mount to a C Face motor and reducer to replace a Nexen or Warner and some other clutch brakes. The Posistop and MagnaShear motor brakes are designed to match the back of a brakeless brake motor to replace Stearns, Dings and others. Some of our other products do not directly replace another product. Many times the tremendous advantages built into the Force Control Oil Shear products (long service life, no maintenance, no adjustment, lower operating coat) force the mounting configuration and operational aspects to vary from standard.

For a basic interchange with the standard products using the competitors model numbers the following will provide a quick selection. It is recommended that our Rep, Distributor or factory be contacted to confirm the selection and offer any additional assistance solving the application parameters.