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Posidyne Size 1.5 Clutch Brake

Designed for Food Processing and Packaging Applications Meets Hazardous Duty Requirements*

Posidyne 1.5The Posidyne Clutch/Brake standard for performance and durability is available for your smaller 1/2 to 3 HP drives for conveyors, packaging machines, food processing applications and extruder cut-offs.

The size 1.5 Posidyne boosts the cycle rate (up to 300 CPM), accuracy, and life (20,000,000 – 40,000,000 cycles) for fractional to 3 HP drives. They bring oil shear durability to a new level of performance and convenience in a compact, lightweight (aluminum housing), double C-Face mounted package.

The new split clamped quill input eliminates key and keyway problems associated with competitive clutch/brakes. The minimal inertia of cyclic parts, combined with high torque handling capability, puts more usable horsepower into your drive - quicker. The 1.5 Posidyne can cycle up to 300 times per minute, and with oil shear technology can last for years, making them perfect for those high cycle applications. High heat dissipation capability ensures long life and consistent accuracy in 24 hour operations. Convenient options such as foot mounting kits, manifold mounted valves and optical encoders are available to fit most any application.

Posidyne 1.5 Posidyne 1.5 Posidyne 1.5 Posidyne 1.5

Oil Shear Technology—300 Cycles per Minute

  • Torque 427 Lb. In. up to 5 HP
  • Air or Hydraulic Actuation
  • Low Maintenance - Reduced Downtime
  • High Cycle Rates (up to 300 cpm)
  • Lowest Cost per Index
  • Severe or Hazardous Duty
  • Wash Down and Marine Duty Option
  • Low Inertia Energy Savings
  • Lightweight Compact Size
  • Split Clamped Quill shaft connection
  • Foot Mounting Available

Typical Applications include

Posidyne 1.5

High Cycle, Long Life —5 to 10 Times Longer
Lightweight C Face Mounting
Washdown Totally Sealed Housings


Posidyne 1.5 Split Clamped Quill
Posidyne 1.5The innovative Split Clamped Quill feature reduces shaft and key/keyway damage to the motor shaft. Splitting the quill and installing a split collar tightens the quill 360 degrees around the shaft and key for superior connection.
Posidyne 1.5 Mounting Spools
Posidyne 1.5The Posidyne 1.5 uses a unique hidden mounting spool arrangement to mount to smaller motor frames. The spools are installed in the motor frame before assembly of the clutch brake. The spools slide into specially designed pockets in the clutch brake with a tapered set screw to tighten the motor tight against the clutch brake.

Oil Shear Technology—300 Cycles per Minute

Manifold Mounted Valve
image290The manifold mounted valve mounts directly on a machined surface on the Posidyne 1.5. This significantly improves response time and positioning accuracy by eliminating long hoses from the valve to the unit. It also reduces installation time and provides a cleaner package.
Washdown Duty
washdownA washdown option is available for the Posidyne 1.5. It includes stainless steel mounting hardware, nickel plated shaft, and non-metallic breather. The housing can be coated with white epoxy, or the popular Steel It epoxy.
Foot Mounting Kit
footmountedA Foot Mounting Kit is available for the Coupler Brake. The Foot Mounting Kit includes two feet that bolt onto the coupler brake. They are made of heavy gauge steel for the XB1 and XB2, or cast iron for the XB3 and XB4, and hard coat epoxy coated.
Extended Input Shaft Assembly
Posidyne 1.5The Posidyne 1.5 can be furnished with an extended input shaft assembly to enable driving with a coupling, belt or chain drive. The input shaft assembly includes mounting flange, bearing and shaft. The extended input shaft can be included with the foot mounting.
Posidyne 1.5 with Gearbox
image5281In some cases the off the shelf gearboxes will not provide the load capability or reliability required for a high cycle, high load applications. Force Control will design and build an integral gearbox as part of the clutch brake to handle the application and provide the long life expected.

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Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brakes last so much longer than the popular dry friction inexpensive clutch brakes it is sometimes hard to determine how much savings can be realized.

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