Procedure for Returning Product to Force Control Industries

Do I Need a Return Goods Authorization?

Sometimes it is necessary to return product to Force Control Industries for several reasons including returning an incorrect shipment, inspection, warranty inspection and repair, product for repair or rebuild, or assembly. A simple return procedure is in place but the following guidelines should be followed for the best results.

Procedure for returning product to Force Control Industries, Inc.

  1. First contact our inside sales/service personnel to get a Return Goods Authorization. Provide the product information (model and serial number is best) to return, the reason for the return (rebuild, return wrong product, warranty), and discuss any charges involved (a price can be provided for many rebuilds).This is important for tracking purposes protecting both you as a customer and ourselves. We never want to get in a situation where you say it was returned, and we say we never received it.
  2. Once the return is authorized an RGA will be emailed with an RGA number.
  3. Package the product to be returned in industry standard packing.
  4. Attach the RGA number to the package to be returned. This number is used to track the product through receiving, and into the job pocket connecting all of the information. In this way the product can be handled as efficiency as possible.
  5. When received by Force control Industries, Inc. the process will be initiated to provide whatever service is required.

For warranty returns please see

Special instructions for ERS (Emergency Response Service)

In the case of an ERS shipment a replacement product was shipped to the customer. The used product is to be returned to Force Control Industries, Inc. in the orange returnable shipping crate for core credit. The following is a return check list and information for the different products;

Checklist For Returning Product on the ERS System

  1. Return the used product in the Orange Returnable Shipping Crate.
    1. Do not drain the oil.
    2. Do not disassemble
    3. Include fan and fan shroud
  2. Use the RGA paperwork as your shipping label.
  3. Use YRC Freight Lines to return the product collect.
  4. Use YRC Bill of Lading (included in Orange Crate). Fill out the yellow sections of the Bill of Lading only
  5. To schedule pick-up, please call YRC directly at 1-800-762-3929

YRC may ask for weight, dimensions, destination and freight code

The destination is;

Force Control Industries, Inc.
3660 Dixie Hwy. Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Phone: 513-868-0900

Weight dimensions and class by unit:
Size 05 Posidyne (Bescodyne) clutch brake
Return GoodsWeight – 483 lbs
Dimensions – 35 inches by 20 inches by 17 inches
Freight Class – 77.5

Size 10 Posidyne (Bescodyne) clutch brake
Weight – 426 lbs
Dimensions – 39 inches by 24 inches by 22 inches
Freight Class – 77.5

Size 11 Posidyne (Bescodyne) clutch brake
Weight – 468 lbs
Dimensions – 39 inches by 24 inches by 22 inches
Freight Class – 77.5

Size 20 Posidyne (Bescodyne) clutch brake
Weight – 873 lbs
Dimensions – 41 inches by 23 inches by 23 inches
Freight Class – 77.5

MB280 Posistop Brake (BescoStop)
Weight –178 lbs
Dimensions – 28 inches by 18 inches by 19 inches
Freight Class – 77.5

If you need assistance with Return, please contact our Inside Sales Group at 1-513-868-0900.
Bescodyne, Bescostop, and Bescoshear are all trademarks of the Besser Company in Alpena, MI. and not connected to Force Control Industries, Inc.