Integral Gear Box Gives Posidyne Clutch Brake Drives the No Maintenance Reliability Required

Force Control Industries is known around the word for the reliability of their Posidyne clutch brakes, Posistop and MagnaShear brakes and the Positorq continuous slip brakes. They will do the seemingly impossible with high loads, and high cycle rates. However they are connected to down stream drive components such as gear boxes. To do the type of production rates required by today’s business the acceleration and deceleration loads can get very high.

Whopper Chopper Drive

There have been cases where there are not commonly available gearboxes that can handle the loads with the long service life of the Posidyne clutch brake. In some of those situation Force Control Industries designed and manufactured gear boxes that would handle the load and provide the long maintenance service life expected. These are often integrally mounted to the Posidyne clutch brake in such a way that either couplings are eliminated or shaft connections are made through specially designed couplings that will provide the service needed.

Several gear boxes in use today include a small worm gear box used for high cycle packaging metering belts and other packaging systems. A specially designed worm gear box was developed for palletizers

Whopper Chopper

with a special worm helix and brake to control back driving for safety reasons, and provided the service life the customers requested. A larger application used for cutting fiberglass insulation was designed as a planetary reducer with all parts manufactured in house. These gearbox clutch brake drives were so successful they are currently used in nearly all fiberglass insulation plants around the world.

Force Control does not typically design and manufacture gear boxes unless there is not an acceptable commercial unit available that will provide the extreme service life expected of Posidyne clutch brakes.

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