Do you know the true cost of your clutch or brake?

Sometimes the lowest up front cost does not tell the entire story.

Many factors enter into the true product cost such as service life, repair cost, spare parts cost, adjustment cost, downtime cost, reduced production or scrap.

  • How long will the units last before adjustment, maintenance or replacement is required?

  • How many replacements must be purchased in a given period of time?

  • How much spare parts and units inventory must be maintained?

  • How much maintenance is required to keep the unit operating properly?

  • Does the product need to be adjusted on a regular basis?

  • Do you experience reduced production, scrap parts or downtime due to brake failure?

  • How many hours per month are required to keep the unit running properly?

  • How much downtime is caused by an out of adjustment or failed unit?

Force Control Oil Shear products can help reduce or eliminate most of this additional cost.

Force Control oil shear products do not need to be adjusted – ever. Because the fluid film forms a boundary layer between the friction material and drive plates there is no contact until the last final engagement. The fluid is put in shear while being squeezed between the two parts transmitting the torque. This fluid moves through the stack and out to housing taking the heat of engagement to the housing to be dissipated. Heat is the cause of most clutch or brake failures. The bottom line is virtually no wear over the life of the unit.

Because of the very low wear there is not enough material worn away to cause need for adjustment to maintain proper operating characteristics. The Force Control Oil Shear products are direct acting – there are no linkages, pins, and levers to corrode, break, or wear. Thus no adjustment is needed – ever.

Force Control Oil Shear products utilize transmission fluid to operate. Because the transmission fluid must be sealed in the unit, it means the internal parts of the unit (bearings, splines) are flooded with lubricating fluid assuring extra long life. This also means the operating parts are sealed from the environment of dust, dirt, moisture, and chemicals etc. which cause damage to most competitive products.

We would like to compare our overall cost to the competition. If you will fill in the True Cost Calculator we will provide a true total cost comparison for your information.