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Barge Spotting Operation is “Spot On” with Oil Shear Brakes

January 24, 2014

For Immediate Release

New Brakes Slash Winch Downtime and Operating Costs

Fairfield, OH – The scene is serene and picturesque. Sunshine reflects off the light chop of the Ohio River, as a barge winds its way into the view afforded through the trees bursting with autumn colors. While those driving along Louisville’s River Road may be inclined to reach for a camera to capture this idyllic scene, the mood at Nugent Sand Company is anything but tranquil. Workers here have a goal to send the deck barge – emptied of its contents – along its way quickly so they can be ready for the next arrival which will doubtless be along shortly. There is no time for downtime for either men or machine. That is why the facility switched from traditional dry friction brakes to MagnaShear Oil Shear Brakes from Force Control Industries.

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