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Drilling Rig Auxiliary Drawworks Brakes

Replace your Elmagco Brakes with the new Force Control TB-Series Positorq Oil Shear brake and trip faster, drill smoother, and make your operators happy. The TB-Series Positorq brakes will operate consistently from 0 RPM to full speed. Torque is linear to actuation pressure (not speed sensitive) making the operation simple, and consistent. Oil shear technology means no adjustment - ever, and wear is minimal meaning years of service between rebuilds.

TB-Series Positorq Oil Shear Brakes for off shore oil rigs

TB-Series Positorq Brake

  • Never Needs Adjustment - Ever.
  • Long lasting oil shear technology.
  • Consistent smooth operation from 0 to full speed.
  • Full torque available - 0 RPM to maximum speed.
  • Smooth operation down to 0 RPM (no stick slip or chatter).
  • Torque linear to actuation pressure - speed independent.
  • Works well with subsea BOP's.
  • Emergency stop system brings controlled stop in case of power failure.
  • Simple control - manual over full torque range - auto set with manual over ride.
  • Control works with auto driller systems that can provide an output.
  • Torque Range - continuous slip torque 250 Lb. Ft. to 115,000 Lb. Ft.
  • Maximum stopping/holding torque 177,000 Lb. Ft.
  • Inertia: WK2 - 1,698 Lb.Ft.2 Size TB-87 (Equivalent to Baylor/Elmagco 7838.)
  • Weight - 10,700 Lbs. Size TB-87 (Equivalent to Baylor/Elmagco 7838).

The TB-Series Positorq Brakes from Force Control Industries is the only brake you will need for tripping, drilling, setting BOP's or any other drawworks operation. It has the torque to handle tripping (dropping and stopping in position) without additional brake support.

During the drilling process the TB-Series Positorq Brakes can maintain accurate load on the bit smoothly and accurately. In addition its quick response to the operator controls, or an Autodriller, provides maximum drilling speed while reducing bit bounce and wear. Operators will love it. The smooth operation also reduces shock on the system including cables, tower, sheaves, and drilling platform.

The accumulator package provides emergency braking in case of a power failure, or other catastrophe. The system is designed to apply full torque at a controlled rate reducing the chance of a sudden stop exceeding the system integrity.

Our hydraulic actuation control package is designed to be user friendly, and will operate flawlessly with an Autodriller.

TB-Series Positorq Horsepower

TB-Series Positorq Torque

A band or disk brake on the winch drum is still recommended as a redundant safety brake.

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